Friday, 26 August 2016


Bald – Headed Pumpkin Smile
                                                Schwn Cyril Sabu


       God frame every model
       No one is uniform in the world
       Personality does not means glamour
       It is the resume of a person
       Public consider baldness is a problem
       World plays cricket in my pitch
       Some are plump due to their hormones
       It is never debility of a person

       Society insult me with humor
       Due to baldness and weight
       Some calls me ‘Zero’ or ‘Pumpkin’
       They discovered pleasure traducing me

        Tried to shield them with words
        But later realized in my life that
        Those are the most destructive
        Thing that cannot be taken back

        Public’s insult led me to depression
        Tried hard to return back to life
        As I was growing the desert extended
        Gratis arena for farming was vacant

        Discovered a weapon to face people
        It was a sweet simple smile
        That closed the world’s mouth
        And led me to success in my career

        I realized the path to success
        When we overcome our weakness
        The greatest weapon to defend was
        The bald-headed pumpkin smile