Monday, 21 September 2015

My sweet heart's tear by schwn cyril sabu

As compared to human I have very short life span
 But this short time have filled me with wonderful memory
I struggled very much to live
But god had other plans too

I wandered all around but couldn’t find my soul mate
I sat in despair and then I saw a light
I saw a beautiful charming female anopheles mosquito
I stared at her, oh my god love at first sight

Don’t know whether humans could see
But I can see her sweet smile and dark eyes
I smiled for the first time in my life
She was very beautiful that a diamond can’t be compared her

I was in a romantic mood that night
Looking at twinkling stars of heaven
I was thinking when we will be together?
Anyways I had to confess my love to her

The next day I saw her at the same place
She noticed me looking at her
She looks at me and smiles
A smile has more meaning than pictures

As I was looking at her by taking a place at a person’s hand
Accidentally I pierced my leg to his body
The person started to shake his body
I ran as fast as I can before the hands came over me
As day passed our relationship got more serious
We started to meet each other at the same place
One day we saw an electric mosquito racket coming towards us
I pushed her back and the racket hit me

I got electric shock and felt down to the ground
Cannot blame China for their invention
It’s all god’s plan, I was partially dead
I could feel droplets of water falling on me
It was my sweet hearts tear

Our soul didn’t become one in Earth

But it will become one in heaven

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